Prefix Style Number Plates

Prefix style number plates were first introduced back in 1983, when the old suffix style registrations came to the end of their issue. Like their predecessor, the prefix registrations contain a letter which indicates the year that the vehicle was registered in Great Britain. The initial letter is followed by up to 3 numbers and an additional 3 letters.(See sample registration below)

Prefix Style Number Plate


This year identifier is the first character of the number plate, therefore giving it its name, "prefix". Interestingly, prefix number plates beginning with I,O,Q and Z were never issued . Furthermore, the prefix style registration numbers were issued up until 2001, when all numbers had been exhausted. As a result, the current style number plates were introduced. The combination of letters and numbers in prefix registration marks, mean they produce some interesting personalised number plates. Eagle Reg have a large stock of rare, unique and sought after personalised number plates. Browse the pre-owned number plates to view our range or contact us for more details.


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  • It is important to be aware of the compatible dates of Prefix style number plates. It is not possible to put a number plate on an ‘older’ car to make it appear newer than it actually is. The year identifier of the number plate cannot be newer than the year of the car’s date of registration. The Y series of number plates are for cars registered between March 2001 and August 2001. These plates cannot be put on a car registered for example in January 2001. It is important that you are aware of the compatible dates for any prefix style number plates that you may be interested in buying. The following image provides an overview of compatible dates for all numbers:

    Eligible Dates for Current Style Number Plates