Yes. In fact many people do this, as personalised number plates make great presents and gifts. The vehicle registration or personalised number can supplied on a retention certificate and you have until the expiry date shown on your V750 or V778 form to put it onto a vehicle, which will be valid for ten years.
A Current style number plate has two letters followed by two numbers which indicate the year of the vehicle. Current registrations have the format AB12 XXX where "12" identifies the year. A Prefix style number plate has a prefix letter code which can indicate the year of the vehicle. Prefix regstrations have the format: A123 XXX, where "Y" is identifies the year. View the Current style and Prefix style pages for more information.
No, a Northern Ireland registration can go onto any age of a vehicle. View our Northern Ireland number plates and buy online today.
No, a number cannot be transferred to or from agricultural machinery including tractors and combine harvesters. These numbers stay on the vehicle/ machinery for life.
You pay an initial deposit of £120 via PayPal whenever you buy online. We will then contact you to to receive the remaining balance and discuss the process of your order. Payment can be made via credit and debit card, bank draft, bank transfer or PayPal. View our Terms and Conditions for more information.
The Transfer Fee is a compulsory fee that must be paid to the Department for Transport. The transfer fee for all numbers is £80.00.
Numbers can be transferred from a vehicle, provided it is taxed, onto a retention certificate which is valid for 10 years.The cost is £80.00 payable to DVLA.
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